Nick James, AKA the Wise Guy, is widely regarded as one of the world's top professional sports bettors and handicappers. Nick separates himself from other handicappers in the industry by betting on every game he gives to his clients. "There's not one game that I tell people to bet that I haven't already bet myself," Nick said. "No one in the industry does that." Nick treats sports betting as an investment, believing that betting on sports can give a better return on investment than the stock market. Clients use his advice as an investment, side hustle, or primary income. Nick has proven that betting on the games the sports books need most, combined with professional money management, is very profitable. "I have clients that are doctors, lawyers, and even celebrities. I help them manage their sports betting account like a stockbroker would their stock portfolio, except I pick teams to win against the spread in college and professional sports, not picking stocks. My clients have my cell phone and can text or call me anytime. I do this solely to make money for my clients and my family." Nick said.


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