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Our CEO, Ross Thornton, is not just a handicapper; he's a legend in the industry. Widely regarded as one of the world's top professional handicappers, Ross brings unparalleled expertise to every game. Ross holds a Bachelor's of Science in Education, is an ordained minister, a certified public school teacher, and a high school boys basketball coach. Beyond the titles, he is a devoted father and a family man with a passion for success. Raised as a coach's son, Ross understands the value of hard work. This dedication is the driving force behind his success as a handicapper. Every day, Ross puts in the effort to ensure your success in sports betting. Honesty, integrity, and transparency are not just words for Ross; they are principles he lives by. Every selection provided to clients is personally wagered by Ross, documented by an independent monitor, his own ticket, and released to the public after it starts – ensuring complete transparency in every move. Ross boasts an impressive 56% career win percentage and has consistently turned a profit betting on sports every year of his career. Wise Guy Team LLC isn't just about predictions; it's about a winning legacy.

Documented Records

2020 | 385-297 | 56% | +$58,990
2021 | 413-319 | 56% | +$64,876
2022 | 611-480 | 56% | +$97,362
2023 | 701-555 | 56% | +$66,169
2024 | 330-274 | 55% | +$8,379

Career | 2,440-1,925 | 56% | +$295,776

  • All Plays are 100% Documented by Personal Betting Tickets
  • All Plays are 100% Documented by Action Network
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